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It's Time To Performax!

We know what you need, have what you want and ready to go - see how our program fits! 


Per Assessment

Performax Assessments

Comprehensive and Customizable


Assessment findings provide the keys to unlock the challenges that keep from realizing the best you. Though you can start Performax without an assessment, if you want the quickest, healthiest and most sustaniable results, then assessments are recommended as strongly as you're going to get because of it.




Per Session

Performax Signature Training

Performax Training At It's Best


Certified Performax Trainers implement standard training programs with workout metrics analyzed real time for interpretations of workout data during the session. That means rather than waiting for metrics data to be analyzed to plan for your next session; additions, revisions or omissions are made to get the most productive result out of every effort. This produces a truly dynamic training session that changes as you do, never wasting an effort and getting the most productive response possible.


This is for individuals that need to minimize injury/re-injury potential or working for the greatest amount of results in the least amount of time.


Per Session

Performax Standard Training

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't


Certified Performax Trainers & Coaches implement training programs, providing corrective cues to reinforce ideal physical performance and maximize performance potential. Workout metrics are recorded and analyzed to program your next training session and plan your phase goal.


These sessions are for individuals that need to reinforce frequency, manage intensity and produce results that will be sustainable over time. 


Drop In Fee
Per Session


P4MXFit Group Training

Finally, You'll Feel Like You Fit!


P4MXFit Training applies our metrics based training system in each group session to control for workouts that can be performed at any level, supported at any intensity/duration and recovered from at any frequency. Through the monitoring and moderation of performance metrics, each session is adapted to your metabolic needs in addition to mechanical limitations. The difference is making sure that the stress you put the body through is enough to cause change, but not so much that the body cannot recover from it. With the accurate measurements of your metrics, you can essentially train everyday, maximizing your chances of success and minimizing your chances of illness/injury that may get in the way of your goals.


Don't Kill Yourself Getting Fit...P4MX Monitor Yourself Instead!


You will feel better, move easier and have energy to spare.

You will be stronger, go longer and push past plateaus.

You will stay leaner, look better and sustain success.


This Is Fitness Worth Living!


10 Pre-Paid Sessions





Per Session

P4MXAthlete Group Training

Performance Enhancement For The Total Athlete


P4MXAthlete Training is the systematic training every athlete needs that no other program offers. Latest and greatest equipment and flashy videos aside, P4MXAthlete training is about systematically establishing proficient movement patterns and developing productive energy systems to support the progressive strength and conditioning programs that every training program promises but only Performax can deliver through real data metrics. The P4MXAthlete is developed to maximize progressive adaptation and minimize progressive fatigue. If your athletic program is not systematically developed and analytically metrics based, then your best is probably still waiting to happen.


Our Signature Metrics Based Training is applied in our groups to help post-rehabilitation and performance enhancement athletes breakthrough in these systematic steps:


  • Stability & Mobility for Safe and Effective Strength Development

  • Maximal Strength for Explosive Power

  • Plyometric Power for Speed, Agility and Quickness

  • Active Recovery Techniques for Injury Prevention​


Per Session

P4RXFix R&R Services

Performax Training At The Active Rehabilitation Edge



A Complete Approach To Performax

The Best Results Come Out Of Using All Performax Has To Offer!


Let's connect and put all the Performax Pieces together for a customized program that is a focus on you and realizing the best you yet!

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