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Strength & Conditioning


Galaxy Volleyball Academy is getting ready for another club season in being PoweredByPerformax!


We look forward to our rookies and returnees getting moving faster, reacting quicker, hitting harder, jumping higher and probably most importantly lasting longer and staying injury free.


Follow our training on our calendar and keep track of our athletes individual progress through metrics system. Below is a metrics analysis of last seasons periodized training program and we look forward to this seasons results being even better!


Feel free to let us know how your Performax experience is going in the comments section or with any questions you may have to help you make the most out of every training session.


Go Galaxy Go!

Training Calendar



Max Heart Rate Trendline representing 'explosive potential' of atheletes during match play. Season trendline demonstrates max values established at week 1 prior to data set. Training efforts were progressively manipulated at 90% or higher midseason to be strategically regressed between 80-90% late season for 90% or higher expression in key tournaments rather than its expression during training. These sessions were targetted to produce peak values through strength training efforts first, explosive/reactive drill efforts second and spring/running efforts last. This sequencing strategy was implemented to ensure strength potential without sacrificing progressive potential if max values were not realized in 'first' and 'second' efforts.


Final observations of 'being more explosive and reactive than other teams at the end of each tournament' by coaches and atheletes suggest the seasons metrics plan was a success.

Average Heart Rate Trendline representing 'sustainive potential' of athletes  during match play. Season trendline demonstrates average values calculated against max heart rate values throughout the training session. Training efforts were progressively manipulated to result in 70% or higher midseason to reinforce repeated max heart rate potential (therefore, max athletic potential) throughout efforts lasting 60 Minutes or more. Training efforts were strategically regressed late season between 60-70% in order to maximize athletes recovery potential while reinforcing max heart rate values of 90% or higher in each training session. These sessions often included technical instruction of foundational strength movements in squats, deadlifts, lunges, power curls, power presses and power snatches. With ideal techinque demonstration, safe application of loaded strength movements were implemented for power potetial to be sustained over time.


Final observation of 'seemed like the athletes were getting stronger as the games went on' by coaches and athletes suggest the season metrics plan was a success.

60 Minute Strength & Conditioning Sessions prior to practice session immediately following. Sessions included 5 - 10 minute warm up/assessment protocol to establish training metrics parameters for each session.