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Performax believes the committed processes of physiologic truth, not the fallacy of quick fix fitness fads.


Performax values developing foundational function for long term results rather than depending on compensatory function for short term success.


Performax understands the independence that should result from accomplishment and the codependence that should not result in order to accomplish.


Performax focuses on the pursuit of the sustainable performances of maximum and is not distracted by the sensational performances of them.

About Performax

...the paradigm shift in training:


Physiologic Truth vs Fitness Fallacy

Independence vs Codependence

Functional vs Compensatory

Sustainable vs Sensational

Performax Core Principles

Performax is a quality of life changing experience through the balance of mental preparation, physical development and spiritual awareness.

P4MX Metrics Based Training qualifies what you should do, quantifies how much of it should be done and provides the real data you need to plan.


This is key to be your best and built to last!

As Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Health & Fitness Trainers, Performax was inspired to maintain the integrity of, innovate the service in, and master the craft that is, our one and only body.


Performax stands for the relentless pursuit of maximum performance mentally, physically and spritually. Through our metrics based training system, we certify coaches and trainers to inspire, educate and empower those yet to do the same. 

So we've collected 15 years of data, to develop P4MX Metrics Based Training. The system takes the complicated guess work out of training. TRAINING MODE, TOTAL TIME, MAX & AVERAGE HEART RATE is all we need to qualify and quantify your training effect toward any goal. Never under train, over train or get ill & injured again.


P4MX Metrics were created to shift our paradigm in training to take care of our bodies rather than take advantage of it, to realize new performance levels rather than wreck them and live life to the fullest rather than limit our lives to the gym.

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