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Performax Coaches & Trainers

We believe in YOU and want to tell you why - read all about it  

Performax Trainer, Soft Tissue Expert, and Physique Enthusiast Raniel wants you to know, "Eveyone's fitness journey is unique, but starts with the will to be better and the desire to be your best. Performax makes sure that you don't get lost in the journey and that you arrive at your destination and no one elses. We only get one body and one life, its up to you to take care of it and make the best of it. Through training or soft tissue work we help take care of your body and with our one of a kind integrative sessions of both modalities together, I'm here to help achieve your best!"


I am Mr. Physique and I Performax!


-Raniel Ramil Certified Performax Trainer, NASM-CPT, LMT

Performax Coach, #1 SF Giants Fan and Baseball Extraordinare Dane wants to push, "that success begins when you decide to show up, give your all and get the best in return. A commitment to Performax isn't just about going through the motions, it is about making every movement count. I strive to give back what you give with what I have learned and experienced here. It's about making sure it will contribute to your personal goals. If it can happen for me and it has happened for others, then it is just waiting to happen for you."


It's Dane-O'yeah and I'm PerformaxPowered!


-Ron Dane Gurley Certified Performax Coach

Performax Coach and San Jose State University Movement Science Student Kim wants you to know that, "I believe in you because the first step in this place is always the hardest. Your motivation to be at Performax motivates me to be here to improve my health and fitness. Once you set foot in here, know that we will take care of you because Performax is your family and family never gets left behind."


I am Kimstrousity and I'm PoweredByPerformax!


-Kimberly Nguyen, Certified Performax Coach

Performax Founder and Director has built on a lifetime of athletic development to perform at his maximum no matter what the quest. For almost 20 Years with thousands of training hours invested and hundreds of client data collected, The Performax Training Paradigm has been developed to provide the answers to your health that is meaninful, produce results in your fitness that is sustainable and truly shift the focus of your performance & progress on being your best and no one else. "My belief in you is rooted in the truth that every body has been created with anyting and everything it needs within it. You can survive & thrive over any illness or injury and succeed & triumph through any test or challenge because I've seen it, I belive it and can't wait for it to be your turn!"


I am Mr. Performax and I Don't Just Perform, I Performax!


-Rommell Corpuz Performax Founder/Director Of Education, Performax Master Trainer, CSCS, USAW

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