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Soquel Knights

F O O T B A L L 

Strength & Conditioning

K N I G H T  S T R O N G


As the 2018-19 Soquel Football Season comes to new beginnings, the campaign for the program to go from good to great continues. The driving principle that directs athletes in all sports is the cycle of practice and preparation that never ends for those that aspire to achieve.


This is a process that recognizes the need for time off to rest and recover properly while placing high value in the outcomes of low quantity high quality training during that time. So it demands what you do is more important than how much you do.


Therefore, the ‘Knight Strong’ approach aspires to teach intentional movement that ensures functional applications and establish powerful expressions for unstoppable athletes.


Performax metrics based training program developed over almost 20 years of data collection provides qualified, insured and efficient programs for sport performance through a workload quantification and qualification methodology for maximal outcomes with minimal resources.


The 'Knight Strong' Campaign is a voluntary strength & conditioning program and open to all 2018-2019 participating football athletes.


Click on the link below to download registration and waiver form. Fill it out completely and bring it on the first day of strength & conditioning. Once we have your forms, we will give you the password to access the Knight Standard Bearer Manual. The Knight Standard Bearer Manual contains all the workouts that make up the summer training plan with a calendar that lists the order and any additional instructions that they are recommended to be completed. Included are conditioning workouts and bodyweight workouts that are recommended to be completed if you are unable to attend scheduled team workouts. 

Training Calendar



Max Heart Rate Trendline represents 'explosive potential' of atheletes during competition. 


Training efforts are progressively manipulated at 90% or higher initially to be strategically regressed between 80-90% for maximal potential of achieving 90% or higher expressions throughout the training plan to mimic seasonal dynamic in competition rather than its expression during training.


These sessions were targeted to produce peak values through strength training efforts first, explosive/reactive drill efforts second and sprint/running efforts last. This sequencing strategy ensures strength potential without sacrificing power potential due to cummulative effect of fatigue.


Final Max Heart Rate positive trendline demonstrates metrics plan was a success.


*Above Max Heart Rate Trendline Graph used for demonstration purposes only.

Average Heart Rate Trendline represents 'sustainive potential' of athletes during competition.


Training efforts were progressively manipulated to result in 70% or higher initially to reinforce repeated max heart rate potential (therefore, max athletic potential) throughout efforts lasting 60 Minutes or more. Training efforts are strategically regressed between 60-70% in order to maximize athletes recovery potential while reinforcing max heart rate values of 90% or higher in each training session.


These sessions managed average heart rate responses through technical instruction of foundational strength movements in squats, deadlifts, lunges, power curls, power presses and power snatches. With ideal techinque demonstration, safe application of loaded strength movements were implemented with appropriate heart rate responses for power potetial to be sustained over time.


Final Avg Heart Rate positive trendline less than Max Heart Rate positive trendline demonstrates metrics plan was a success.

60 Minute Strength & Conditioning Sessions focused on movement foundation development for progressive loading potential. 

Sessions includ 5 - 15 minute movement preparation/maximum effort assessment protocol to establish training metrics parameters for each session.

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